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About Website Indexer

We all know that indexing the content which is present on a website is very important. If you are not indexing the articles, new content then they won’t appear in search engines. All the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing index new content automatically but the indexing can take hours and even days. If you want to index the content as soon as you publish it on your website and don’t want to wait for Google to start indexing the content then you can use Website indexer.

Website indexer is a free tool which will help you in indexing content which is present on your website on all the search engines. As soon as you will enter the URL of your website, website indexer will ping your website on all the popular search engines and get your content indexed. This means that you don’t have to wait anymore for Google or any other search engine to index your content. The entire indexing process is in your hands and indexing won’t take more than a minute to complete. Once the content which you have indexed using website indexer you will see in in all the search engines. This means that you will get the visitors from search engines for the content you indexed as soon as you complete the indexing process.

How to index your website faster in search engines

There are some tips which you can follow to index your website faster in search engines like Google, Yahoo. We have shared some of these tips below.

  • Submit to all the latest blog networks and blog directories. Earlier people used to think that submitting to blog directories and networks is just a waste of time but now there are a lot of legit blog networks and directories which you can submit content and get your website indexed faster.
  • We all know that sitemap is needed in order allow the search engines to crawl the content. Make sure that you have submitted the sitemap of your website to all the major search engines. This will also help you to get your website indexed fast.
  • Make a habit of commenting on other popular blogs. Keep one thing in mind that the blogs where you are going to comment are having high authority, page rank and is related to your website. Also try to comment on the blogs which provide do follow backlinks or are commentluv enabled blogs.
  • Social bookmarking will also help you a lot in getting your website indexed faster. As millions of people are there on social networking website you can share your content which will attract new readers. As there are new readers it means that there is a sudden increase in traffic. This will help you in indexing process of your website.
  • Guest posting will also help you a lot. Guest post on the website which are having good authority and page rank.

By following the above mentioned tips you will be able to index your website fast. Website Indexer is completely free of cost and you can index as much as links you want to index.

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