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About Remove Duplicate Lines

Duplicate content can harm your website. All the search engines rank the websites which are having genuine content uploaded on them. If you are using duplicate content which is being copied from other websites then your website can even get blacklisted from the search engines. If you were able to find the duplicate lines in the content which is present on your website or which you are able to publish then you can use remove duplicate lines tool. Remove duplicate lines is a free tool which will scan all the duplicate lines which are present in the article and replace them with new lines. This tool is available for free and will help you in making your article unique.

How to work with Remove Duplicate Lines SEO Tools ?

Step 1.

Load a Text File like Notepad or Wordpad Document or you can paste the lines by using CTRL+V from your keyboard.

Step 2.

Choose Case Sensitive (Analyze the words and Lines properly with care) Order Remove empty lines (This will remove the Duplicate Lines by matching your Lines) Display Removed (Shows you the removed lines)

Step 3.

Now click on Remove Duplicate Lines Button and you are done.

It will display the lines that are matched with duplicate and removed the lines from your original source. You can also download the fixed content lines by clicking over the Save As button and in any format you want.

You can either copy the text which you want to make unique or even upload the document. Once you have uploaded the document or copied it then you can click on Remove duplicate lines button and the tool will start working. There are different options which you can select and use in this tool such as the ability to select the Case sensitive text, removing the empty lines and also show the lines which are removed from the content. You can easily select and copy the content which you got as output. There is also an option to save the output in a document directly on your computer.

Is duplicate content really bad?

  • Duplicate content is really bad for a website. First of all search engines hate the content which is not genuine. If there is a lot of duplicate content present on your website then there is possibility that your website might even get blacklisted and all the links which are present on the search engine get deleted. If there are no posts indexed of your website on search engines then you won’t be getting any traffic at all.
  • Duplicate content will confuse both the users of your website and the search engines. If the readers of your website come across duplicate content then they will get confused as they won’t know what they what is important part of the content and where should they look about it. If a user is coming across duplicate content it will raise questions as he won’t be able to decide what is correct and what is wrong.
  • In duplicate content some parts of the article are changed so that it looks unique. The changes which are done in the article will make it difficult for one to read it and understand.

All the websites which are ranked in search engines use genuine content on their websites. One thing which you need to keep in mind is that content is the king and you won’t be able to get your website ranked in search engines if you are using duplicate content on your website.

The tool will help you in removing all the duplicate content present on your website and making it unique. You can use this tool to remove duplicate content from unlimited articles.

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