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Privacy & Policy

We request the visitors of our website to read the Privacy Policy carefully. If you are having any questions about the Privacy Policy about using your personal information or the dealings which are done with this website you can contact us. We might update Privacy policy from time to time which will reflect changes how we are using the Personal information. If there are any changes done in the Privacy Policy they will reflect in updated policy on our website at SEO Tools. 

Collecting Personal Information

Customers who are using the services and products available on our website do voluntarily. If you want to use any service from our website you need to create a simple account by signing up and providing basic information which will include your contact, website and billing information. As the personal information is provided by the customers, they are consigned to the collection and using the Personal information in respect of terms and conditions which are mentioned in this policy. 

How is Personal Information used?

The personal information collected by our website is only used for contacting our customers, billing purposes or evaluating website content of the customer. SEO Tools won’t share the personal information of its customers with any third parties of the business partners it is associated with. We have the right to share Personal information prior notification if it is necessary in some cases (a) in accordance to the law; (b) when it is seen that disclosure is needed in order to protect rights of our company; (c) to protect safety of third parties and our users; (d) to comply with the judicial proceeding, legal processes or any court order; (e) in case of a sale, merger or an acquisition. 

Direct Email 

If our customers have opted to get the reports of the website being analyzed on their e-mail, it would reflect in our database. If there is any important news about any changes made to the services, or a new product is launched or there are new offers they will reflect in your mails. If you are not happy with the e-mails you can simply opt out or can change frequency in which you are getting these e-mails by opening your account and changing the preferences of the e-mail frequency. 

Log Files

If you are using our website our servers will record every single information of your computer automatically. All the information which is sent by your browser will be recorded in the log files. The information which you will find in these log files is going the Internet Protocol or IP address, domain name, browser version, date and time, language, referring website along with the information which is stored in your cookie files. 

Third Party Advertisements 

The advertisements which you see on our website are provided by different third party advertisement parties. The only information which we are going to share with these third party companies is website information about our users so that we are able to get good banner advertisements. 

SEO Tools Website Cookies 

In order to provide better service to our customers, we use the cookies which will prevent our customers from entering their login information each time they access our website. SEO Tools might also set a cookie temporarily on the hard drive of your computer. The cookies stored are simple and in txt file format which will remember the web browser which you used to access our website. If you don’t want to receive cookies from our website you can simply change the settings of your internet browser to disable the cookies or alert you whenever a cookie is placed on your computer. We don’t save any Personal information from the cookies. 

General Internet User Privacy 

To generate statistical data of our customers we might place temporary cookies on the hard drive of their computers when they are visiting our website. The cookies which we will collect won’t store any personal information or won’t help us in tracking our customers. Cookies won’t be used for any other reason as they will be only used to collect internet information which is collected by search engines, internet service providers or other websites. An example of information which will be stored in cookies is location of the user based on their IP Address, browser type, which operating system is being used, keywords used while doing a search, websites which were visited, the resolution of monitor etc. Cookies might also be used for trusted third party business partners so that better service is provided to our customers. We don’t share or use any information which from the third party partners. The partners which we work with are only chosen only if they show a strong commitment to our privacy policy and have represented us in the past. If they have shared any personal information of their customers in the past we won’t be doing business with them. We don’t support any activities which store personal information of the internet users.

Links to other websites 

You will see some links present on our website to which we don’t have any control. Please keep it in mind that we are not responsible for privacy practices of the links of third party websites and the Privacy policy does not comply with these websites. The policy will only comply with the personal information which is collected by our website. We suggest you to check the link you are opening to your website and red privacy policy carefully of the link which you have opened. 

Cookies and 3rd party Advertisements 

Google is our third party advertisement partner and uses cookies in order to display the advertisements on our website. The DART Cookies by Google will help us in serving the advertisements as per their interest on the internet, what they are searching for. Our customers have full freedom to opt out or DART cookie by visiting Google advertisements and content network privacy policy.